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Marquee Medical Transport would love to answer any questions you may have. Please call anytime with any medical transportation questions and requests. Emails are also responded by end of day. Please utilize my Quick Quote feature at to submit San Diego trip information and receive a more detailed quote.

Phone: (858) 412-0399


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Why Choose Marquee Medical Transport?

We do not allow smoking inside of our vehicles. Our vehicles are 100% smoke-free.

Unlike taxi services, Marquee Medical Transport provides full-service medical transportation to customers who require more attention and care then your standard taxi service is willing to provide. Rather than providing curb-to-curb service, Marquee offers door-to-door service and comfortably transports customers from within their residence (if desired) and can escort our passenger to a care attendant at their destination. We assist with retrieving the customer, helping the customer in & out of the vehicle, provide safety and comfort within the vehicle, assisting the customer into the destination facility, and will not leave the customer’s side without the approval of the customer or a care-attendant of the facility.

Unlike ambulances that provide emergency services, Marquee Medical Transport operates on a NON-EMERGENCY basis only. Operating at this level does not require the hiring of EMT’s and Paramedics that undergo extensive Emergency Readiness Training. They require a high hourly pay that makes ambulance services so expensive. Therefore, Marquee is able to operate at a mere fraction of the cost all while providing quality drug-free drivers. We possess CPR/First Aid, Defensive Driving, and Passenger Service & Safety Certifications.

Unlike public transportation, Marquee Medical Transport provides individualized service for every customer. Our passengers are not required to adhere to scheduled pick-up and drop-off times that could leave them waiting unattended for up to hours for return service, nor will they be required to share rides with other customers that leave them away from the comfort of their own home for more time than is required to make their own unique trip. Marquee offers customized individual trips for each scheduled customer and gives them the individualized care and attention they deserve.

A few of Marquee Medical Transport’s most common destinations and trip purposes include:

*Senior Care Facilities/ Nursing Homes
*Dialysis Centers
*Dental Offices
*Hearing Exams
*Doctor Appointments
*Physical Therapy
*Worker’s Compensation check-ups, etc.

All passengers are encouraged to leave me a customer review on my Yelp! page. Please take the time to see how others have enjoyed Marquee Medical Transport.

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