Gurney Transportation

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Gurney Transport San Diego

Gurney Transportation by MARQUEE: Don’t overpay for an Ambulance!

Marquee Medical Transport offers gurney transportation in San Diego. We utilize gurney-accessible vehicles to take passengers where they need to be! We use a 2-person team to ensure the safe transfer of the passenger on to our gurney bed, load for transport, and transfer at the facility for the patient to be seen. This is a professional service with great responsibility that until now has been primarily serviced by the Ambulance industry. We greatly respect the Ambulance industry, but if you are not in critical condition, you’ll find yourself paying EMERGENCY prices! Although we are not emergency readiness trained, our teams are trained and maintain certifications in CPR/First Aid, as well as Defensive Driving & Passenger Sensitivity, and we are heavily insured to provide the level of service and care that is necessary to perform this service CORRECTLY!

Most purposeful trips for Gurney Transportation include:


Doctor Appointments

Dental Appointments


Home Transfers

Hospital Discharges

Family Events

Why Choose MARQUEE for Gurney Transportation?

Unlike other San Diego gurney transportation providers, Marquee Medical Transport¬†is a small business and is owner-operated. Over 10+ years working in customer-service based industries and the know-how to interact with customers with a professional attitude and respect. Being owner-operated is the only way to ensure that every customer is transported safely, comfortably, and responsibly‚Ķ “We’re all in this together!”

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