Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation & Premier Individual Service

We make it easier for passengers to be seen by Healthcare professionals. Marquee Medical Transport is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation provider in San Diego. We provide professional door-to-door medical transportation, both local & long distances.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation brings the patient to the doctor. We pick you up at your request, and safely drive and appear you to your medical appointment.

Knowledge & know-how of San Diego traffic patterns and San Diego medical service locations will ensure you are transported safely and on-time.

Purposeful trips include:

  • Doctor Office Appointments/Checkups/Exams
  • Dental Offices
workers comp transportation, insured transportation, wheelchair transport, non-emergency transportation

San Diego Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

  • Eye Care
  • Hearing Exams
  • Surgery Centers
  • Dialysis
  • Physical Therapy
  • Hospice and General Care… and many more!

Best Practices include:

  • Same-day Advanced Trip Reminder by Telephone
  • On-Time Pick-up & Call Upon Arrival
  • Primary passenger may bring up to 3 additional passengers (including small children)
  • Safely Securing All Persons (including small children/ baby and booster seats available)
  • Personal assistance in and outside of vehicle
  • Always willing to accommodate requests if possible

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Choose Marquee: Here’s Why..

We do not allow smoking inside of our vehicles. Our vehicles are 100% smoke-free.

Unlike San Diego taxi services, Marquee Medical Transport provides care & attention. In addition to curb-to-curb service, Marquee offers door-to-door service and safe, reliable transportation. We assist with: retrieving the passenger, helping the passenger in & out of the vehicle, providing safety and comfort within the vehicle, and appearing the customer into the destination facility. We will not leave the passenger’s side without the approval of the customer or an attendant of the facility.

Unlike an ambulance service that provides emergency services, Marquee Medical Transport operates on a NON-EMERGENCY basis only. Operating at this level does not require the hiring of EMT’s and Paramedics that undergo extensive Emergency Readiness Training. They require a high hourly pay that makes ambulance services so expensive. Furthermore, Marquee is able to operate at a mere fraction of the cost all while providing quality drug-free drivers. We possess CPR/First Aid, Defensive Driving, and Passenger Service & Safety Certifications.

Unlike San Diego Public Transportation, Marquee Medical Transport can provide individualized service for every customer. Our passengers are not required to adhere to scheduled pick-up and drop-off times, while public transportation could leave passengers waiting unattended for up to hours for return service. Our passengers are not required to share rides with other customers, and Marquee offers customized individual trips for each passenger. Choose Marquee, because we give our passengers the individualized care and attention they deserve.

Request a Free Quote from Marquee Medical Transport by filling out the form to the right, or call (858) 412-0399

*Vehicles and services also referred to as: wheelchair vehicles, handicap vehicles, ambulatory transportation, disabled transportation, non-emergency transportation services, non emergency medical transportation, senior transportation, and San Diego medical transportation services

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